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You’ve done your research and you’re finally ready to have an e-commerce website built. You’ve contacted a reputable company (hopefully Satel Creative) to design a brand new, fully integrated site that’s ready to sell your product to the world.

With over ten years’ experience in the industry, we’ve seen it all and have compiled a list of essential functions every great e-commerce website should have. Here’s Part I:

  • Simple & easy to navigate site - The easier, the better; less is more when it comes to navigating

  • Clear logo - Your logo should be unique, yet clear and uncomplicated, especially in small print

  • Clean, uncluttered information - Clear, pertinent content is always a positive addition to any site

  • Buy buttons - Buying your products should be as simple as clicking one button

  • Easy checkout - Only a few clicks to complete the sale

  • CTA’s - People need a “Call to Action”: [Shop Now], [Free Consultation]

  • Free offers & deals - Everyone loves to the word FREE, and getting deals is a plus

  • Brand names listed - Promptly display your top brands

  • About page, latest news & media coverage - Consumers want to know who you are and what’s new with your company

Choose and implement those features that best suit your business (and stay tuned for Part II).

You’re always welcome to contact Satel Creative with any questions, or for a free consultation. Here’s to your success!

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