Bueno Does the Body Good

Although the Bueno Shoe company is new to Canada, it has been producing sophisticated women's footwear since 1950. The brand's popularity throughout southern Europe can be attributed to the quality craftsmanship, design and comfort factor. Using genuine hand-worked leathers and soft inner linings, Bueno appeals to the empowered, classically adorned modern woman. Here is a company fabricating shoes that are fashionable and comfortable at the same time. 

KISS - Keep it Simple Sexy

Getting straight to the point, this website was deliberately designed to do one thing, showcase women's shoes. Without the multitude of bells and whistles attached to the design, we created a simple, sexy site that quickly gets the user to the product. Forgoing all the hoopla sometimes associated with a site, we delivered a lovely piece of art that flows like a trickling stream.



  • Clean Design Based on Branding Requirements
  • Custom Product Pages
  • Inventory Integration with Custom Distribution System