Fairmont Hotels
Givex, Shopify Plus

the brief

Fairmont Hotels, a renowned luxury hotel brand, embarked on a strategic initiative aimed at improving customer satisfaction by integrating Givex gift cards with their online Shopify platform. The primary goal was to enable the use of these gift cards seamlessly across both their physical locations and online experience, despite the inherent limitations of Shopify Plus's Gift Card API which only natively supports its own gift cards.

challenges faced

Integration Complexity: Creating a system within Shopify’s API constraints while incorporating an external gift card provider like Givex posed significant technical hurdles.

Security Risks: High potential for fraud required a robust security framework to manage the duplication and validity of gift cards securely.

Customer Experience Concerns: It was crucial to ensure that the integration did not compromise the user experience, avoiding confusion and frustration among customers due to the operational nuances of the new system.

the solution

To overcome these challenges, Fairmont, developed a sophisticated integration solution that included:

Dual System Synchronization: An intermediary system was devised to synchronize Givex gift cards with Shopify at checkout, allowing their use both online and on-location without security breaches.

Fraud Prevention Mechanisms: A temporary validity feature was introduced, where duplicated Shopify gift cards expired within two days if unused. A logging system was also established to prevent the reuse of active Givex cards, addressing early exploitation issues.

Secure Data Handling: Implementation of stringent encryption protocols ensured the protection of gift card data during transmission and at rest, safeguarding customer information and transaction integrity.

project outcome

The innovative integration strategy led to several key accomplishments:

Enhanced Customer Flexibility: Customers gained the ability to use Givex gift cards across multiple venues, significantly improving the shopping experience and overall satisfaction.

Robust Fraud Prevention: The newly implemented system effectively minimized gift card fraud risks, ensuring secure transactions.

Technological Advancements: The project pioneered a novel method of API integration that could serve as a benchmark for other retailers facing similar integration challenges.

Fairmont Hotels overcame technological barriers through innovative solutions and collaborative efforts, setting new standards for secure ecommerce transactions and enhancing user experience with third-party financial products.

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