Paper Planes
Shopify Plus, B2B

the brief

Paper Planes, a fashion brand owned by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, encountered significant challenges with their existing ecommerce infrastructure. They manage both direct-to-consumer (D2C) and business-to-business (B2B) operations on Shopify Plus. The main problem arose from Shopify's inadequate native capabilities to support wholesale functions at the time. Specifically, the integration required the management of seasonal product offerings and efficient inventory control. This required a solution that would seamlessly integrate wholesale and retail operations, without compromising functionality of either channel.

challenges faced

Technical Limitations: Addressing Shopify’s inherent limitations to expand its B2B functionalities.

Data Synchronization: Achieving accurate data flow between the wholesale and D2C channels to maintain inventory accuracy and streamline order fulfillment.

System Complexity: Managing the intricacies of dual operations within a single platform without disrupting the operational flow.

the solution

To effectively merge their D2C and B2B operations, Paper Planes devised a sophisticated system utilizing Shopify’s Draft Orders API, along with significant enhancements to their product metadata. This innovative approach led to the development of an Open to Buy system that seamlessly integrated their wholesale activities directly into the D2C site. This integration facilitated ordering processes from vendors and reflected real-time data from both wholesale and D2C demand, simplifying the management of both seasonal and core products.

project outcome

The strategic implementation of this dual Shopify setup resulted in several significant benefits:

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The system enabled Paper Planes to effectively manage both B2B and D2C channels, ensuring synchronized inventory and precise order processing.

Improved Data Management: The integration with a data warehousing tool provided comprehensive insights and analytics, facilitating informed decision-making based on combined data from wholesale and D2C operations.

Innovative Retail Solution: The project not only preserved Paper Planes’ initial investment in Shopify but also established a new industry benchmark for seamlessly integrating wholesale and retail operations within the apparel sector.

Paper Planes’ innovative strategy to overcome the limitations of Shopify’s B2B capabilities has significantly streamlined their operations, enhancing both functionality and market positioning.

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