Shape Technologies
B2B Ecommerce, Custom PIM, Shopify Plus, ERP Integrations

the brief

Shape Technologies is a leader in advanced manufacturing technology. With over 60 years of experience in the field, the company has expanded to become a major player, known for high-precision cutting and automation solutions.

Operating on a global scale, Shape Technologies serves a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and consumer goods manufactures. The company's large footprint is marked by tens of thousands of installations worldwide.

In the Shape technologies group there are 9 different brands offering a range of manufacturing technologies.

challenges faced

1. Ineffective Product Discovery

The primary obstacle was an ineffective product discovery experience on their website. Customers frequently struggled to locate specific parts on the website due to:

Varying Terminology: With a broad array of products, each part was associated with a range of common names. This diversity in naming conventions made it difficult for customers to confidently identify and purchase the correct part. The lack of a unified or intuitive search and filtering UI compounded this issue, leading to customer frustration and decreased sales.

Impact of Counterfeit Parts: The difficulty and ineffectiveness in product discovery inadvertently aided counterfeit parts makers. These entities exploited the gaps in Shape’s ecommerce store, successfully diverting customers to their own products. This not only resulted in lost revenue for Shape Technologies but also risked damaging their reputation, as customers inadvertently purchased inferior counterfeit parts.

2. Cumbersome Platform Management

Shape Technologies’ custom ecommerce platform presented its own set of challenges:

Difficult to Manage: The platform was hard to manage and update. This challenge was primarily due to the platform's custom nature, which lacked the flexibility and user-friendliness of more modern ecommerce solutions such as Shopify.

Hindered Improvement Efforts: The time and effort required to manage the existing platform left little room for Shape Technologies to focus on improving their offerings. This situation created a cycle where the company was constantly dealing with platform management issues instead of innovating and enhancing their product range available online or customer experience.

the solution

At Satel, we believe in a collaborative working relationship. Working closely with Shape Technologies, we tailored our solutions to meet their unique needs as their customers are not your average consumers. We focused on enhancing the user experience and optimizing the product discovery process.

Here’s how we tackled these challenges:

  • Enhanced Product Discovery
  • Improved Product Listing Page
  • Product Detail Page Enhancements
  • Backend improvements

project outcome

Our partnership with Shape Technologies has revolutionized their B2B ecommerce experience on Shopify Plus, enhancing operational efficiency and user satisfaction. By addressing challenges in product discovery and platform management, we've streamlined the customer journey and bolstered defenses against counterfeit products. Our solution includes a unified Shopify theme across Shape's brands, simplifying updates and ensuring consistency. Innovative product discovery flows and advanced Shopify Plus security features have significantly improved the shopping experience, making it easier, faster, and safer for customers to find and purchase advanced manufacturing technology. This strategic overhaul has not only improved Shape Technologies' digital presence but also set a new industry standard for ecommerce excellence, demonstrating our dedication to merging user experience with operational effectiveness in the ecommerce space.

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