Whole Latte Love
Contentful, Shopify Plus, OS 2.0

the brief

In the world of coffee enthusiasts, Whole Latte Love is a big deal. They are an online retailer of high end espresso machines, coffee makers and other home barista accessories. A family business since 1997, they have amassed a strong reputation as coffee experts who provide unparalleled customer service. Many of their customers are also fans who read their articles and watch videos on their YouTube channel, which has over 300K subscribers.

challenges faced

For many years, Whole Latte Love has found success on Shopify, however in 2022, they found their current theme limiting and wanted to upgrade their theme to Shopify OS 2.0. In doing so, they also saw the benefits of cleaning up their code that had accumulated in the past decade. 

Satel worked with WLL in an extremely collaborative process with our development team taking the lead in certain phases of the project and WLL’s development team taking the lead in other phases. The idea was to share our expertise in Shopify with their team so that they are able to maintain their site effectively for years to come. 

WLL’s website is very media rich, there are lots of product photos, articles, guides and even 3D models. These sections needed to be implemented in their Shopify OS 2.0 theme. 

During the project we achieved the following: 

  • Based their new theme on Dawn to take advantage of its performance optimized design.
  • Moved content blocks into reusable sections to use “sections everywhere”. This allows for ease of development for new and existing pages
  • Improved site’s performance metrics while keeping media rich pages
  • Post migration, we had a clear path to introduce next steps such as updating in-house apps and internationalization

the solution

Collaborating alongside Whole Latte Love's development teams and stakeholders, we brought WLL to the modern and customizable world of Shopify's 2.0 operating system.

Highlights include:

  • A robust customized colour palette system
  • User optimized design solutioning
  • Design anywhere block structure
  • A complex bundling system

project outcome

The transformation of Whole Latte Love’s online presence through the migration to Shopify OS 2.0 and the implementation of a modern, customized theme has redefined the coffee retail experience. By leveraging advanced customization options and integrating a streamlined bundling system, we've not only elevated the user experience but also set a new benchmark for ecommerce excellence in the coffee industry. Our collaborative efforts have resulted in a significant enhancement of site performance and customer engagement, ensuring Whole Latte Love remains the preferred destination for coffee enthusiasts around the globe. This project has reinforced the brand's reputation as a leader in the coffee space, showcasing their commitment to quality, innovation, and unparalleled customer service. Through this journey, Whole Latte Love has solidified its position, not just as a retailer, but as a comprehensive coffee resource, fostering a deeper connection with its community and paving the way for future digital ventures.

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