JD Sports
Shopify Plus, Headless, Retail

the brief

JD Sports, an international sportswear retailer, aimed to replicate the success of their in-store kiosks from the UK and EU in their Canadian expansion. The primary goal was to overcome the technological barriers and adapt the kiosks to align with Canadian tech standards. A crucial aspect was addressing the customer dissatisfaction associated with directly entering credit card information at the kiosks, which was seen as a significant hindrance to their usage.

challenges faced

  • Technology Compatibility: Ensuring the kiosk system was compatible with Canadian technological standards without compromising functionality.
  • User Experience Concerns: High customer friction during the checkout process due to the need for direct credit card information input.
  • Secure Data Transfer: Developing a method to transfer order details securely from the kiosk to customers' mobile devices.

the solution

To address these challenges, the team hypothesized a seamless integration of mobile technology to enhance user experience. We adopted a headless commerce approach using Next.JS on Shopify Plus, which allowed for greater customization of the checkout process. Our innovative solution involved generating a QR code at the kiosk that customers could scan with their mobile devices. This QR code carried all cart and product information, initiating a secure checkout session in the user's mobile browser. This method avoided the need for any pre-installed app, simplifying the user's journey.

project outcome

The kiosk upgrade at JD Sports Canadian stores was a resounding success. The integration of QR codes significantly enhanced the checkout process, making it more convenient and secure. This not only resolved the initial problem of customer friction but also introduced an unexpected benefit: the ability for customers to have their checkout details saved on their devices, which expedited future transactions. The new system was well-received, leading to a better shopping experience and increasing the overall usage and effectiveness of the in-store kiosks.

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